2018 Sparrow Participant

When I came into the Sparrow program, I had been stuck on survival mode for years.

Living in a Sparrow House gave me and my children a chance to breathe, get organized, focus on goals and dreams, make connections with the local community and move forward with our lives.

I was surrounded by a team of support people who were there to help me succeed.  They were there to listen and give advice when needed, connect me with resources, pray for me and my kids, encourage me, and even help meet my basic needs. The Sparrow team served my family and worked with me like it was their joy!  I never felt like my family was anyone's burden or "project".  Instead, I felt honored, loved, upheld, surrounded, strengthened, encouraged and totally blessed.

Periodically, I met with my case manager.  We were always amazed to see how much had been accomplished  and how God had answered prayers since our last meeting.  We prayed together and were always excited to what God would do next!  With a church mentor, a team and a Christian church community surrounding my family and holding us up in prayer, so much was accomplished in such a little amount of time.

The opportunity to meet with my church mentor weekly helped me stay grounded in the Word of God, and grow in mental and spiritual health.  Many times, it was the only deep conversation I got to have with an adult all week. Having her in my life helped me stay focused on the Truth to keep moving forward and to live victoriously.

I lived in the Sparrow house for approximately 7 months before my housing voucher came up and I was able to move into a home of my own!