• Temporary housing for the duration of the program

  • $100-$400 monthly program fee (variable depending on the house available) in addition to the monthly electricity bill

  • Attendance at weekly peer support meetings

  • Participation in church gatherings as able

  • Attendance at mid week meetings with a     church mentor

  • Save $ toward future housing

  • Work toward other goals established by your peer support manager & yourself

  • Attend classes that will help you reach your goals: financial management class, GED etc.

Peer Support:

Sparrow Ministries offers a program for families seeking change.  This means participants will be expected to work diligently toward attaining the goals agreed on by the participant and the peer support.  Peer Support will be provided by C.H.A.N.C.E Recovery, an organization dedicated to seeking assistance for individuals with mental health or substance abuse histories.  Meetings with a peer support person will be scheduled weekly.


Participation in Sparrow Ministries also involves being affiliated with and developing relationships with the hosting church family.  Participants will meet regularly with a church mentor from their host church for discussion about Scriptural principles, to receive encouragement and support as well as prayer. 

Church attendance at the host church family is voluntary but strongly encouraged because it is seen as a vital way to build a healthy network of relationships that replace negative ones.  As such, attendance at church gatherings is encouraged.  But, due to various situations, schedules and goals, a family can decide, along with their case manager, which level of church involvement will work best for their family with the goal of working their way gradually into full participation if possible.


LEVEL 1: Attend mid week meetings with church mentors & share dinner in host church members homes

LEVEL 2: Attend church on Sundays, mid week meetings with church mentors & dinner in host church members homes

LEVEL 3: Attend church on Sundays and participate in other church events such as worship nights, prayer gatherings, BBQ's etc, attend mid week meetings with church mentors and share dinner in host church members homes.


Enrichment Services include anything beyond case management and a relationship with the host church family that are needed to help your family thrive.  These would be decided upon together by you and your case manager as you set goals at the onset of the program.  These might include financial classes, GED completion classes, parenting classes, individual or family counseling and more.

Involvement with Host Church:

Additional Helps: