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 Housing Information:

Home Is Where The Heart Is

General Info:

Sparrow Ministries offers our participants a temporary home to live in for the duration of their stay in our program (approximately 12 months).  Upon acceptance into our program, participants will be assigned a home and a host church family if they don't already have one.

These homes are owned by churches that partner with us to help families live inexpensively while they get out of difficult situations and save money toward getting into a home of their own once they complete the program.

We at Sparrow hope you will take care of the home you are entrusted with and honor the expectations for its care that have been put in place by our staff.

We are so grateful to the churches that partner with us to provide homes for you while you complete our program.

Home Expectations:

  • Most of our homes are pet free (some exceptions may be made to this depending on the size of the animal and the preference of owner of the house)

  • Our homes are furnished.  Bringing clothes and personal items are all that is needed.  This means that families with no home can come and stay without hindrance and those with many belongings can place theirs in storage while they focus on the goals they are pursuing while completing the program.

  • No smoking, drinking or vaping allowed in our homes

  • Our homes are drug free and alcohol free

  • Rules for cleanliness will be made known and house checks will be conducted by your peer support personnel.

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