Are you interested in being part of the answer to cycles of poverty?
Are you wishing you could help bring the love of Jesus to hurting families but aren't sure where to begin? 
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Churches work in partnership with Sparrow Ministries.  The partner church provides a home for the participating family while they are in the Sparrow Ministries program, a mentor and a loving church community.  Sparrow Ministries provides a case manager for the family as well as services like counseling, educational classes, child care, or whatever the family may need to get healthy and independent. 

The goal of Sparrow Ministries is to enable the church to help hurting families by providing services they may not feel competent to provide (such as case management etc), allowing the church to participate in the business of loving people in the name of Christ.

Nursery Room


The sponsoring church would provide a house and own it if purchased. A church could purchase, rent or install a house that could be used to shelter a family in this program. This could be a two or more bedroom house that is in clean, working condition, but it does not have to be fancy.


The first Sparrow House was a trailer in a trailer park that was donated and then remodeled for less then $6000. See The Hive Communities page for a picture of our first house. 


The partner church should expect to cover all costs pertaining to the house they own. The church would maintain their home and furnish their home for families to live in.  The Hive Communities furnished their manufactured home for approximately $700 due to the generosity of a number of church member and organization donations.

Teacher & Student


The partner church would provide a mentor for the family living in their home. This person would be the main contact person connecting the church to the program participant. He/she would help connect the congregation with the felt needs of the program participant’s family a well as be a mentor in spiritual things, introducing the program participants to foundational Biblical principles for a victorious life.  The church mentor is meant to be an advocate and friend as well as a mentor to the participant family.




The church is a powerful, life giving community.   We would like to have each client see and be a part of that community as much as they feel able.  Some areas this could happen would be: Church families having the participant family over to fix a meal and eat together as often as once a week. Participant families could come to join church services and special events. Church members may assist with child care or driving participant places they need to go. We want Sparrow Ministries participants to feel the warm love of a community of faith and for the church to embrace them with genuine friendship and the agape love of God. 

In addition to discipleship and friendship, participant families may need to be trained in some particular skills like finances, marriage and family, healthy relationships and the like.  If your church can offer Sparrow Ministries participants some of these classes, this would be another way to interact with our families.


If you are interested in partnering with Sparrow Ministries or have more questions, email us at