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Your chance to make an impact helping families at risk...scroll down the page to find two ways to give!

Sparrow is an organization that contains two branches: Sparrow Ministries and Sparrow Housing.  Our goal is to help families and residents thrive. 


Giving to Sparrow provides for both Sparrow Ministries (our one-year mentoring program) and Sparrow Housing (our affordable housing branch). 

Your financial contribution to Sparrow provides for Sparrow Ministries families to receive mentoring and Sparrow Housing residents with low-income housing opportunities in the context of a healthy community.  Our SM families are housed within the SH community, so both residents and program participants benefit from your contributions as we work to provide a healthy community for residents to live in.

 We can't help our Sparrow Ministries families and Sparrow Housing residents without your support.  Thank you for considering Sparrow for your donations.

Pay by check.  Make checks out to:


245 SW Twin Oaks Circle

Corvallis, OR 97333


Pay by Paypal:       

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