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The Hive Communities

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The Shiloh House was purchased, renovated, and is maintained by The Hive Communities Church in partnership with Sparrow Ministries to house families in need of support.  People from The Hive volunteered their time to renovate this manufactured home.  The total cost for renovation was approx $6,000.  Continued monthly payments and maintenance cost around $400 /month.

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Goshen House

Goshen House

Goshen House was rented by The Hive Communities, made possible by a personal donation.  This home was purchased new and made available for rent.  The financial donation made it possible for the home to be secured for a Sparrow Ministries house.  The Hive Communities does not own this home but rather rents it for the purpose of housing families. Both Shiloh and Goshen houses have been furnished and fully stocked by The Hive Communities.

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